Industrial Controller 'Micron-4' (or electronic ruler for band sawmill) automates almost all operations of lifting and lowering the saw to the desired position. Facilitates and accelerates the work of sawing machine operator, increases yield of the desired products. System 'Micron-4' can be set on almost any sawmill.

  • Easy and accurate setup of the saw at the right position for cutting
  • Easy visual control of sawing process
  • No need to remember lists of a thickness for cutting timber
  • Reduction of human error
  • Ability to perform many operations simultaneously
Micron-4.05 improves productivity, increases the accuracy of resulted products. This is achieved by using the Micron-4.05 CPU.

High accuracy of obtained timber

Automates all technological operationsfor needed for sawmill

Ease of operation and maintenance

Automatic accounting
of kerf

Increase the yield
of quality desks


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